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"Sebastiano is a smart, passionate hard worker, who’s vast experience is sure to have an impact and make a difference no matter where he goes and what he does."

Sandro Bartolozzi - CEO Clipper Media (Rome) & Upwind Films (NYC)

I am an Italian-born award-winning filmmaker, as well as a photographer. I currently live in Seattle with my wife Stephanie.

I have worked in the world of film and TV production for 25 years of my life.


In these years, I worked for a wide array of clients, including museums, cultural and academic institutions, NGOs, public and private networks, and corporate businesses. I have a deep understanding of what it means to produce video and film, from the conception of a project to delivering the finished product. I am accustomed to working in a team, often as its leader. I have knowledge of the interpersonal dynamics that are at play and of the challenges represented by fixed budgets and deadlines. I have worked with people of the most diverse backgrounds and have travelled the world extensively. I am a very hard worker and I push myself and those around me to achieve the best possible result, always for the good of the project.

In the last 10 years I have concentrated my efforts on the subject of sustainability, climate change and climate injustice as I believe these are some of the most urgent topics we are facing, and most importantly those that our children will be facing for the foreseeable future.

Sebastiano Tecchio

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