BEHIND THE LABEL is a 64-minute documentary that investigates the many ramifications of GMO cotton cultivation in India. It attempts to examine both the obvious short-term appeal of this agricultural innovation, as well as the long-term hazards it poses to Indian farmers, their families and communities, the countryside and the planet.


Produced in 2011 by Barbara Ceschi a Santa Croce, BEHIND THE LABEL won the Best Documentary Award at the Clorofilla Film Festival. For more information, visit:


THE OTHER OLYMPICS (documentary)

ActionAid is an international NGO working with 15 million people in 45 countries to alliviate hunger and injustice. THE OTHER OLYMPICS is a documentary shot in China in 2008, the year of the Beijing Olympics, and it chronicles one of  ActionAid's initiatives: a project to teach small children how to express themselves through animated films.

Produced by ActionAid in 2008.

AS CLEAR AS WATER (documentary)  

The issue of accountability has long  been bandied about  among humanitarian organizations. But what exactly is accountability?  And why is it important? AS CLEAR AS WATER reveals how in ActionAid's work, the mechanisms and processes developed to achieve accountability to the people affected by disasters have evolved so as to become ends in themselves. They also enable affected communities to become active participants in leading emergency response and recovery efforts.

Produced by ActionAid in 2008.


In Italy gambling is prohibited except where it is controlled by the State. So, while millions of poor people gamble away their pensions in State-owned lotteries, those seeking the thrills of a casino are compelled to try their luck in glamorous casinos abroad.

Produced by Clipper Media in 2007, the documentary was broadcasted by various European networks. 


45 minute version



In the 1960s, Italian actors decided to form their own union and fight for the rights they thought had been denied them for centuries. 1960 - ACTORS ON THE BARRICADES is a chronicle of  those extraordinary years during  which the country's  most famous stars marched in the streets arm in arm with their less-famous colleagues.

Co-directed with Fabio Cavalli, it was produced by CGIL, Italian workers' union, in 2005, it was part of a show that toured several Italian museums.


For many Italians, Silvio Berlusconi's tenure as Prime Minister represented  a political nightmare. Some political observers predict it will take 20 years of prudent politics for Italy to recover from the damage caused by his leadership. While he was first elected to head the government in 1994, it was not until 2003, during Italy's six-month presidency of the EU, that he became known throughout the world as one of the greatest political anomalies of our time.

Produced together with Luca Gaboardi in 2004, the documentary was broadcasted by various European networks

LOST WORDS (short)

LOST WORDS is the single-screen version of a seven screen installation made for ActionAid. In 2009 the G8 committed to establish a sizable fund over three years to address world hunger. That promise has not been kept.


Produced by ActionAid in 2010, it was initially installed in an important Roman art gallery.

Shot with a mobile phone on the Italian island of Pantelleria, HAMMOCK MOBILE DREAMS is a minimalist voyage from darkness to shadow, to reflexes, to light...

Self-produced in 2009.


U TURN (short)

U-TURN is a fun montage video of bits and pieces of unused footage belonging to a series of documentaries shot around the world on the topics of environment and renewable energy.


Self-produced in 2008.

INSTALLATION EARTH is the video narration of a fire sculpture by street artist Paolo Buggiani. Paolo was one of the first to do street art in 1960's New York and is still very active today in Rome, where he lives. 

The video was made in 2006 in Isola Farnese, near Rome.Formore information on Paolo's work, visit:



THE MUSEUM OF MEMORY - A 52 minute documentary on the the last survivors of World War II, produced by the Region Lazio (2013) 




GSE - THE PEOPLE'S CLEAN ENERGY - Advertising campaign for GSE, Italy's public energy utility (2012)




BEHIND THE LABEL - A 64 minute documentary about the environmental and economic impact of GMO cotton cultivation in India, produced by Barbara Ceschi a Santa Croce (2011)


Best Documentary Award at the Clorofilla Film Festival in Rome, 2012




QUALITA' ITALIA - A series of video installations for MAXXI, Rome's museum of modern art  (2010) 



ANIMATED EDUCATION - A series of short animated films produced by the Province of Rome (2010)



L'AQUILA IN PIECES - A 52 minute documentary on the controversial reconstruction of the city of l'Aquila after the earthquake, produced by the International NGO ActionAid (2010)



LOST WORDS - Video Installation projected on seven screens on the theme of world hunger, produced by ​ActionAid​ (2010)



THE FEAST OF SAINT ANTHONY - A 52 minute documentary about local traditions commemorating a 13th century saint, produced by the City of Posta (2010)



CRACKS IN THE G8 - A 52 minute documentary on the debatable decision to move the 2008 G8 from Sardinia to the city of l'Aquila, produced by  ActionAid​​​  (2009)



QUALITA' ITALIA - An advertising campaign of public service, produced by the Italian Ministry of Culture (2009)



HAMMOCK MOBILE DREAMS - A self-produced short film (2009)



THE OTHER OLYMPICS - A 45 minute documentary, shot in China on a project to teach small children how to express themselves through animated films, produced by ActionAid (2008)



U-TURN - A self-produced short film (2008)



AS CLEAR AS WATER - A 45 minute documentary on the mechanisms and processes developed to achieve accountability to the people affected by disasters, shot in Bangladesh and produced by ActionAid (2008)



WOOD OPERA - Two 30-minute documentaries on the work of the oudoor museum Opera Bosco in Calcata, produced by the  Opera Bosco Museum  (2007)



GAMBLING ITALIAN STYLE - A 76-minute documentary on the contradictions of state-operated gambling in Italy, produced by Clipper Media (2006)



INSTALLATION EARTH - A self-produced short film (2006)



THE SPIRIT OF THE WIND - A 30-minute documentary on the Lakota's battle in favor of clean energy, shot in South Dakota for RAI (Italy's public broadcasting system; 2006)



1960, ACTORS ON THE BARRICADES - A 56-minute documentary narrating the events that lead to the birth of the Actor's Guild in Italy, produced by  CGIL, the Italian worker's union   (2005)



RENEWABLE ENERGY - 25 short documentaries (15 minutes each) shot all over Europe and the US on the subject of renewable energy, produced by RAI, (2004-'06)



NOT AN ORDINARY PRESIDENT - A-30 minute documentary about the contradictory politician Silvio Berlusconi, co-produced with Luca Gaboardi (2004)



THE INVISIBLE ISLAND - A-52 minute documentary on the eternal struggle between the Greeks and the Turks on the island of Cyprus, produced by RAI (2003)



THE TALES OF ASTARTE - A six-episode Tv series on Italian lighthouses, produced by RAI (2003)



WIND FROM THE EAST - Four 52 minute documentaries on the difficult trasformation of former Yugoslavia into a series of independent States, produced by  RAI  (2002)




THIS IS MY COUNTRY - A 20-episode TV series, produced by RAI (2001)



MAGELLAN - A 12-episode TV series, produced by RAI (2000)



HERE THEY COME!​ A 15-episode TV series, produced by RAI (1999)



THE WAYS OF THE SEA -  A 12-episode TV series, produced by RAI (1998)



L'AQUILA, TIMES OF CHANGE - A 30-minute institutional documentary, produced by the City of l'Aquila (1997)



YEMEN BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT - A 50 minute documentary on the social and political situation in Yemen, produced by RA I  (1997)



COMING HOME -  A 12-episode TV series, produced by RAI (1996)



HAVE YOU HEARD - A self produced short film (1994)